How the big brands are using WeChat for Chinese digital marketing

WeChat is a powerful tool for Chinese digital marketing, reaching almost one billion users in 2017. So, effective WeChat account management is a must for any brands hoping to penetrate the Chinese market. Beauty brands such as YSL, Dior, L’Oréal, and Lancôme have all jumped on board with this latest tactic for Chinese digital marketing using WeChat Moments to promote their products.


WeChat account management tips

The holiday season is fast approaching, and all the brands are vying for more sales. WeChat moments are a great tool for gaining more exposure and interaction for your brand and its products, as well as improving communication with your audience. This leads to that secret ingredient for increased holiday sales – word of mouth. How can you make the most of advertising on WeChat moments to improve your Chinese digital marketing? Let’s look at how the big brands are leading the way.


L’Oréal’s WeChat Moment

A key feature of WeChat account management is its @Advertiser feature, which allows users to interact directly with brands. L’Oréal benefitted from this in their Cannes Film Festival campaign, making 52,000 limited edition gift boxes available exclusively through their WeChat Moments ad. The boxes had sold out within an hour of the advert going live and it earned a great deal of interaction and participation. The interactivity of L’Oréal’s WeChat Moment drove stronger relationships between brand and consumer.


Key Opinion Leaders in Chinese Digital Marketing

Brands often use celebrities to endorse their products and boost sales, but consumers may be more influenced by their peers. Recommendations from friends and family hold a lot of sway, which is why YSL used “folk experts” to drive their WeChat Moments. For Christmas 2016, they ran a WeChat Moments ad to promote their Star range by targeting key folk experts. These people acted as opinion leaders by sharing the content with their friends and followers, boosting the brand’s exposure and leading to sell-out product lines.


How will you improve WeChat account management?

These leading examples of Chinese digital marketing should give you some inspiration of how you can use WeChat moments to boost your brand’s success. What are your best strategies for effective WeChat account management?

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