This year’s Double 11 will Demonstrate again Alibaba’s Impact Worldwide

Over 140,000 brands are expected to participate in this year’s Double 11, the largest online shopping day in the world. Russia and some European countries are invited to this particular festival too.

This year, the 11.11 shopping festival, also known as Bachelor’s Day and Double 11, is expected to overcome last year’s sales on Alibaba: 120.7 billion yuan ($18.2 billion). The whole world will have eyes on the Digital Marketing in China next Saturday. This event is bigger than Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other special shopping day where popular American and European eCommerce boost their sales. And almost all of these sales take place online.

Since this festival started in 2009, Digital Marketing in China became an admirable reference of success for many eCommerce. The day where millions of packages will be delivered to millions of houses in China. And this year, more foreign countries take part of the Double 11 shopping festival: Russia, France and Spain.

The euphoria of consumerism is about to begin and the largest Chinese eCommerce is ready for this 24 hours madness.

Alibaba’s technological innovation

 Infrastructure and technology are the keys to succeed in 11.11. Not only over 3 million logistics personnel were hired by Cainiao Network —Alibaba’s logistics data platform operator— for this massive event, but also robots —for package sorting— and drones are assisting this operation. A big organism of efficiency and technology is already moving its system to ensure Double 11’s favorable outcome.

Alibaba’s global cloud will guarantee an optimized payment system to ensure a good customer experience. Its platform already holds and manages over 488 million active consumers. Ant Financial, Alibaba’s financial service technology company, will provide this Chinese eCommerce a coherent and consistent payment service as well as loan services for client’s comfort and satisfaction.

Also, a new retail system aims to capture the rural market this year. This new model will allow consumers from villages and lower-tier cities —a crucial market in China— to access an integrated online-offline service: around 100,000 local stores will be used for a better channel distribution to sell the products of more than 1,000 brands. Rural villages will not escape this Double 11 tradition.

The Chinese eCommerce reaches the European market

In order to approach the European Market during this special day, Tmall, the popular Chinese website for online retail, brought together more than 100 domestic Chinese brands to expand its roots overseas. And they are ready. They prepared preloading warehouses and chartered planes expecting millions of consumers in Russia, France, and Spain. Clients in Europe can expect their products in just 10 days and Russian shoppers in around 15 days (30 days earlier than previous years).

Alibaba’s logistics service, Cainiao, is in charge of the service for foreign countries and expects to develop a similar shopping experience as the one established in China. Their main concern is the delivery service and they aim to conquer the “fast and cheap” reputation.

Digital Marketing in China keeps having great impact on the global economy, and eCommerce platforms with exceptional delivery services seem to be the future of successful businesses. Learn more about the Chinese market and your business opportunities on our website.

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