Chinese KOL are the new direct selling platforms for fashion brands

Digital marketing in China is changing and taking the lead worldwide. Since blogs and social media accounts started gaining relevance, the marketing strategies of large brands have changed and influencers, also known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in digital marketing, have been —figuratively— stepping on the heels of famous top models. Chinese KOL are the new associates luxury brands are looking for.

The influence of Chinese KOL have impressed everyone in the fashion industry. They have a huge engaged audience and the power to get user’s immediate attention and make them buy exclusive products.

More than just writing nice reviews of luxury brand’s products the can now sale directly on their own online shops and many international brands are willing to participate and remunerate them —highly— for this. The KOL is becoming a new professional career and it’s being highly appreciated in this field.

According to the Financial Times, a new chain of Chinese influencers is forming, and brands are willing to find them online: using Weibo and WeChat’s search engines. Is digital marketing in China creating a new business model? Definitely!

Givenchy understand the value of Digital Marketing in China

Givenchy took the first step this year and realized of the value of KOL: they partnered with Mr. Bags, a famous influencer, and sold 80 limited edition Givenchy bags in just 12 minutes, earning over 1.2 million RMB, a total of US$170,000.

Next beneficiary: Ye Si, a popular fashion blogger and influencer known as Gogoboi.

Just a few months ago, in July, the French luxury fashion and perfume house saw a big opportunity with Gogoboi’s new e-commerce boutique. The exclusive Givenchy Duetto bag was sold only on this influencer’s online shop: “Bu Da Jing Xuan.” The black color was sold out just 30 minutes after the announcement and the campaign was launched and the rest of the Duetto bags were sold within 3 days.

A new Digital Marketing Tool

After many brand’s experiences this year, Chinese e-commerce has changed and Digital Marketing in China has a new ace under the sleeve: Chinese KOL. The new powerful marketing strategy is being used by other brands such as Farfetch, Net-A-Porter, and Yoox, and is changing the way influencers work too.

Now, KOL should focus on developing their own online shops, a very engaged audience, and marketing themselves, in order to gain luxury brand’s attention and get exclusive products to sale in partnerships with famous companies. It’s time to pivot!

According to Consultancy Analysis forecast, the economic value of the KOL industry might hit 15 billion US dollars next year. It’s great news for KOL and fashion bloggers, this means they gain more power and will have more income streams when it comes to brand or product promotion.

Also, the CEO of Bomoda, China’s digital platform analysts, advices luxury brands to invest more in influencers and Chinese KOL and, suggests fashion bloggers to do more self promotion and develop their own Chinese e-commerce.

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