WeChat partnering with travel services to offer mini-programs

The news is out. WeChat has partnered with travel services to offer mini-programs to travelers. There are already a couple of cities that have launched this program to WeChat travelers. The first launched took place on November 30th. This is a great thing for Chinese tourism and for all the travelers that are traveling abroad.

Cities that are offering the mini-programs

Like mentioned there are already some cities that have launched the mini program. There are also some cities that are planning to launch it very soon. The cities where you can use this program already are Dubai, Britain, and Sydney. These cities were chosen to see if this is something that can really work.

There are also now other cities that are also going to be included in using the WeChat programs that are partnered with the travel services. One of these cities is Washington DC.

The purpose of the City Experiences mini-programs

The key purpose of the City experiences mini-programs is to provide valuable information about popular tourist attractions. Making it easier for Chinese tourism and for WeChat travelers to get all the necessary information about places like Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera house, British museums and other popular and well-known attractions.

This is something that can be used to get all the information so that travelers and tourists can decide where to go and get all the necessary information about the attraction. Something that can be hard to find. At a later stage, tourists can even make payments and bookings to be able to go to these attractions without any problems.

WeChat offers limited attractions per city at the moment

At the moment the City experiences mini-programs are offering a limited amount of attraction’s information per city. This is so that they can see if this program really is going to work and is really going to be beneficial to Chinese tourism.

They have limited the number of attractions per city from 20 to 30 attractions. The only problem with this is that not all the attractions will be found on WeChat. They are working to increase these limits so that all the attractions can be available for WeChat travelers to get all the information needed. These mini-programs are still a work in progress and will increase in cities and attractions in the near future.

WeChat saw the opportunity to grow and to provide something that can be beneficial to Chinese tourism and that will make the lives of travelers a lot easier. With the city experience mini-programs that WeChat designed and the fact that they have partnered with travel services, they are going to make sure that tourists all over the world will be able to get all the information about tourist attractions when they are visiting a city. At the moment the cities are limited, but it is going to increase in the near future. Changing touring and traveling as we know it. Making it easier to find info about the popular tourists attractions for all WeChat travelers.

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