China’s tourism is booming during the New Year’s Day Holiday

China’s tourism is booming during the New Year’s Day Holiday

This is great news for China’s tourism market. During the New Year Day holiday, the tourists have gone up to 133 million tourists traveled domestically. These statistics are according to the China National tourism administration. This makes it an increase of about 11.08% at the same time, last year. The total revenue increased by 11.88% and it was a total of 75.5 billion yuan or US$11.72 billion.

In the beginning of this year

From the beginning of this year, the Chinese tourism market is still blooming. Many people are using the short holidays to travel short and medium distances for many different reasons. Especially, when it comes to the New Year’s Day holiday.

These short and medium distances include day trips and for experimental trips for tourists. Most of these travels are taking place by car. Most of the tourists are going to be snow tourisms that are looking for snow, the hot springs tourism where people are looking for some relaxation. And, then there those tourists that are escaping the cold.

Snow tourism

Snow tourism is blooming this time of year. The demand for winter scenic travel and snow-centric holidays is high during the winter times, that are also in the New Year’s Day holiday. This is one of the biggest parts of the higher increase of Chinese tourism market statistics.

The one reason why the snow tourism is blooming is that of Heilongjiang Province. They have launched a 114 ice and snow sports event that is getting quite popular. During this holiday season, there were a total of 116,800 tourists that are known as snow tourists.

Hot springs

Hot springs are also still popular and contribute a lot to the overall Chinese tourism market. Because of the cold winter days, many tourists are seeking for the hot springs. Tianjin had a total of 617,700 tourist trips during this New Year’s Day holiday. The result is that they are getting a revenue of 242 million yuan or US$37.57 million.

About 7.97 million tourists went to Guizhou Province, where some of the most popular hot springs are. This means that there are about an increase of 30.6% as the same time last year.

Escaping the cold

Many tourists are escaping the cold by traveling to the warmer parts. The warmer parts of Guangdong, such as Meizhou, Qingyuan, and Shantou was one of the most favorite spots for those tourists that are looking for the warmer weather.

Tourists in Hainan Province increased by 10% at the same time last year. The occupational rate of hotels increased by 90%.

The Chinese tourism market is blooming this year. The number of tourists and the revenue of the Chinese tourism has increased with this New Year’s Day holiday if you are comparing it to the same time last year. These statistics are according to the China National Tourism Administration. They also predict that these tourist numbers might increase with next New Year’s Day holiday

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