Chinese E-Commerce Market: the 4 things that are trending at the moment

With the Chinese e-commerce shopping, there are four things that are trending at the moment. Things that Chinese people are using more and more. There are so many things about the e-commerce market that are getting used more than others. Not only is these trending stuff good for the market, but it is also beneficial to the consumer. Making online shopping easier and more efficiently. These are the 4 trending stuff from China’s online stores that are making things easier for consumers:

Using mobile shopping on the go

A survey that was posted by KPMG and Mogujie, people are still using computers and laptops for doing online shopping also known as the e-commerce market. However, the number of smartphones and tablets that people are using for online shopping is growing by the day and becoming trending.

The one basic reason for this is because smartphones and tablets are something that most people have, and it is great to do some shopping while you are sitting in public transport. Cellphone and tablet users that are buying with their phones increased from 223 million to 325 million users. It basically increased by 20 000 million users during the last year.

Making payments via mobile

The second most popular trending is to make payments via your mobile. Meaning that you can pay all your debt and pay for your online shopping by using your mobile. You don’t need to have an expensive phone for this option. Not only do you save time, but you will also be able to save money by paying transfer fees.

More than 55% of Chinese e-commerce shopping are making use of mobile payments to pay the purchases or their accounts. According to studies, only 19% of online shoppers in the US are making use of mobile payments.

Looking for online stores that are offering good prices

It is now trending to start searching and looking for the online store that is offering the best possible price. The Chinese e-commerce shopping is increasing because of this. Not only do the people of China know the benefits of using the online shopping centers, but they are also aware that some websites are offering better prices than other stores. Making it easier to find a special or two.

Using social media as a marketing tool

The last thing that is becoming trending in the e-commerce market is the fact that the online stores are making use of social media as a market tool. Meaning that they are using social media for doing marketing and to make sure that consumers are aware of the product or service.

When you are looking at the Chinese e-commerce shopping, you will see that there is a huge difference in statistics from last year to this year. And, there are four things that are trending at the moment, and this will not change very quickly. All these trending stuff from the e-commerce market is beneficial to everyone that is doing online shopping.

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