2017 advertising market overview for China

China’s advertising market overview has increased during the period of 2017. There are many things that assisted to this increase. During 2015 and 2016, the advertising market was decreasing. This means the consumers are glad to see that the advertising market is now increasing.

Percentage of different advertising increases

These are the overall percentage of increase that China has with its advertising market during the year of 2017. Total China’s advertising market grew a total of 4.3%. Television advertising decreased by 1.7% and radio advertising was growing a high 6.9%.

The newspaper and magazine advertising market has grown between 18% and 32%.

Television advertising spending

When you are looking at the television advertising market spending in China, you will see that it is still decreasing from 2016. And, during 2016 statistics have shown that the TV advertising market was also decreasing.

The total decrease during 2017 was 4.5%. During 2016 the television china’s advertising decrease by 4.4% This means that more people are starting to make use of other marketing options in China, instead of the television marketing strategy.

Predictions for 2018

When it comes to making predictions for 2018, it seems like that there are still going to be an increase in the overall advertising market in China. Especially, when it comes to magazine advertising, newspaper advertising, and online advertising. And, they are also still predicting that the television advertising market is going to decrease further. This is due to the increase of internet marketing in China.

China’s advertising marketing. It has increased in total in 2017, from 2016 if you are looking at the statistics. Some type of marketing options has decreased while others have increased. This is a good thing for China and they are predicting that the market will still grow during 2018.

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